U.S. Statehood” Quarters Coin Ring. All 50 US States.


Jewelry Type: Coin Ring
Sizes: us 4.5 – us 11 in half sizes”
Finished Look: Bright Polished, or Antique
Band Width:  Reg. : 5.5 mm,  or Slim: 4 mm.
Brand: “Handmade”
Made in: United States
Material: US Nickel Clad “STATES” Quarters
Metal Purity: 75% Copper , 25% Nickel

Choose, Ring Size, US  State, and Finished look , and ring width from the options below.

**Before ordering please read Notice about  Metals &  skin allergies.



These beautiful 2-Sided coin rings are “handcrafted”
out of brilliantly uncirculated (BU), high quality U.S.  “Statehood” Quarters.
The “specified STATE NAME” and Statehood year is shown on
the Outside face of the ring.


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us 4.5, us 5, us 5.5, us 6, us 6.5, us 7, us 7.5, us 8, us 8.5, us 9, us 9.5, us 10, us 10.5, us 11


Random State, Alabama:AL, Alaska:AK, Arizona:AZ, Arkansas:AR, California:CA, Colorado:CO, Connecticut:CT, Delaware:DE, Florida:FL, Georgia:GA, Hawaii:HI, Idaho:ID, Illinois:IL, Indiana:IN, Iowa:IA, Kansas:KS, Kentucky:KY, Louisiana:LA, Maine:ME, Maryland:MD, Massachusetts:MA, Michigan:MI, Minnesota:MN, Mississippi:MS, Missouri:MO, Montana:MT, Nebraska:NE, Nevada:NV, New Hampshire:NH, New Jersey:NJ, New Mexico:NM, New York:NY, JNorth Carolina:NC, North Dakota:ND, Ohio:OH, Oklahoma:OK, Oregon:OR, Pennsylvania:PA, Rhode Island:RI, South Carolina:SC, South Dakota:SD, Tennessee:TN, Texas:TX, Utah:UT, Vermont:VT, Virginia:VA, Washington:WA, West Virginia:WV, Wisconsin:WI, Wyoming:WY, Puerto Rico:PR


Antique look, Bright Polished