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Coin ring size Info

The list below is just to be interpreted as a general guidance, and not as an strict rule on what coin ring size can be made from any specific coin. Actual coin ring size can be expanded one size larger or smaller than listed. Normally large thick coins will produce coin ring that will look very big and bulky on medium and small hands, but sometimes this is what the person likes. It all comes down to personal preference. The opposite of this, a coin ring made out of small coin will need to be stretched to fit on large side hands. Small ring on big thick hands may look visually unbalanced, but in conclusion, there is not one specific good look of a coin ring on a hand. Remember, beauty is on the eye of the beholder.

 On last important note to remember is that all coin rings have an inherent characteristic, and that is that the inside band is not straight and has a slight taper. This will make your coin ring to measure one size larger than the other. About 1/4 to 1/2 half size smaller on the reed side. This happens because the inside where the hole is made) is normally thinner then the outside reed of the coin.  More over, because the inside section is stretched more during the forging of the coin ring. Because of this, the true ring size of a coin ring is the one taken from the reed side of the coin ring, and not the cut side which will always be slightly wider than the reed side.

Actual coin width and thickness (edge) is given to help you have some reference how big or thick coin ring will look.

US Quarter

1964 US Quarter (90% Silver)

Coin Width = 24.26mm (0.455 in.)

Coin Thickness (edge) = 1.75mm

Weight = 5.67g

Recommended ring size range (us) = 4 thru 11


US Small Dollar

2000 Sacagawea Small Dollar (Clad coin)

Width = 26.49 mm (1.04 In.)

Thickness (edge) = 2.0mm

Weight = 8.1g

Recommended ring size range (us) = 5 thru 12


US Half Dollar

1964 JFK half Dollar (90%Silver)

Width = 30.61 mm (1.205 In.)

Thickness (edge) = 2.15mm

Weight = 11.34g

Recommended ring size range (us) = 7 thru 13


US Large Dollar

1895 Morgan Silver Dollar (90% silver)

Width = 38.10 mm (1.5 In.)

Thickness (edge) = 2.58mm

Weight = 22.68g

Recommended ring size range (us) =13 thru 19


American Silver Eagle- Dollar

1996 American Silver Eagle 1 oz (99% Silver)

Width = 40.6 mm (1.5 In.)

Thickness (edge) = 2.98mm.

Weight = 31.10g

Recommended ring size range (us) =13 thru 21