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Very import Skin reaction Notice

**Note about metals and Skin Reaction**

Some people’ skins are more sensitive than other when they come in contact with different metals. Some may or may not develop a slight skin reaction to the metals used to make clad coins, which are made of a copper & nickel alloy. You’ll know right away  if your skin gets a reaction to these metals when your finger turns green or black underneath where you wear the ring. if this happens to you, don’t worry, green die  is not harmful and will easily wash a way with warm water and soap.

To keep this from happening I recommend coating the inside of the ring with some clear finger nail polish inside the ring and you will be good to go. You may need to re-apply the coating every few months.

If you plan to wear your coin-ring permanently every daily you may also consider buying a bit more expensive silver coin-ring , which unlike copper/nickel coins ,very rarely cause skin reaction to most people.