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Coins4fashion’s  Announcement

Coins4fashion turns antique to modern silver, nickel /copper, brass coins into beautifully handcrafted coin ring jewelry that makes a statement when you wear it. These coin rings truly are, “THE CHANGE THAT SHARPENS YOUR IMAGE.”

These “double-sided coins rings (details inside and outside of the coin rings are preserved) give buyers the opportunity to celebrate, commemorate, honor, cherish special year in their life, or special place you’ve visited. In general these coin rings make a great birthday gift, o conversation piece.

They can also be bought as a gift to special someone, or as a great token of appreciation to close a friend, or family member, or simply to sharpen your image by wearing such brilliant beautifully handcrafted coin ring.

Coins4fashion can customize rings from any coin and size you choose. We can make you that beautiful ring you wish with a turn-around time of about one week, or less.

If your coin ring does not fit, we will accept  the return and send you another size you request.

Contact “Coins4fashion” for availability and prices on custom order by using the CONTACT page link

We have a vast selection of U.S. and foreign international coins and dates to select from.  Coins composition availability varies from depending on the coin and the year it was minted. Most popular and common materials are: nickel /copper (85/25 %), silver content at %40, 90 % and 99 % purity.

These coin rings are suitable for men, women and children from US size 4 -17 in ½  size increments.

* Quarters can be made into sizes 4 – 10
* Half Dollars into sizes 7 – 12
* Small Dollars into sizes 6 – 10
* Large Dollar coins into sizes 12 – 16
* Nickels can be made into sizes 4 – 6
* Dimes into size 3 – 4.

We are physically able  make coin rings ½  to 1 size, and sometimes up to 1 ½  size bigger than posted in this list (above), but keep in mind that by doing so, the inside detail of the coins get compromised as you stretch the coin to its limits, the more detail of the coin ring is lost.