PRESIDENTIAL Dollar Coin Ring.- 1st Pres. to 40th.

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Jewelry type: Coin Ring
Finished surface: Slight “Golden” bright polished
Sizes: us 6 – us 11 in half sizes”
Band width:  Reg. : 6 mm, Slim: 4 mm, or Wide: 8 mm
Brand: “Handmade”
Made in: United States
Material: US $1 Pres. dollar coin (Manganese Brass)
Metal purity: 85.5% Copper , 2% Nickel, 6% Zinc 3.5% Manganese.
-coins in picture are not included-

Please, choose ring size, President  and ring outside Face from options below.

**Before ordering please read Notice about  Metals &  skin allergies.




About the coin

The Presidential $1 dollar series, which began in 2007, honors U.S. presidents from George Washington to modern office holders –
with 4 issues released each year. The Presidential  $1 coins show the engravings of relief portraits of U.S. presidents on the obverse.The common reverse features the Statue of Liberty.
From 2007 to 2011, presidential $1 coins were minted for circulation in large numbers, but since 2012, new presidential coins have been minted only for collectors.
They are the first regular-issue U.S. dollars in over 200 years to bear edge lettering.


Additional information


us 5.5, us 6, us 6.5, us 7, us 7.5, us 8, us 8.5, us 9, us 9.5, us 10, us 10.5, us 11


At Random, 1st-George Washington, 2nd-John Adams, 3rd-Thomas Jefferson, 4th-James Madison, 5th-James Monroe, 6th-John Quincy Adams, 7th-Andrew Jackson, 8th-Martin Van Buren, 9th-William Henry Harrison, 10th-John Tyler, 11th- James K. Polk, 12th-Zachary Taylor, 13th-Millard Fillmore, 14th-Franklin Pierce, 15th-James Buchanan, 16th-Abraham Lincoln, 17th-Andrew Johnson, 18th-Ulysses S. Grant, 19th-Rutherford B. Hayes, 20th-James A. Garfield, 21st-Chester Arthur, 22nd-Grover Cleveland, 23rd-Benjamin Harrison, 24th-Grover Cleveland, 25th-William McKinley, 26th-Theodore Roosevelt, 27th-William Howard Taft, 28th-Woodrow Wilson, 29th-Warren G. Harding, 30th-Calvin Coolidge, 31st-Herbert Hoover, 32nd-Franklin D. Roosevelt, 33rd-Harry S. Truman, 34th-Dwight D. Eisenhower, 35th-John F. Kennedy, 36th-Lyndon B. Johnson, 37th-Richard M. Nixon, 38th-Gerald R. Ford, 39th-Jimmy Carter, 40th-Ronald Reagan


Random side, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, President name



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  1. Sophia B.

    Nice looking ring , loved it, better than in the picture.

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